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Are you an employer?

Employers’ appetite to recruit young talents against a backdrop of widening skills shortages is increasing. However, attracting the best young people into thecompany has been a challenge for many.

FofX main ambition is to provide future professionals with the digital skills and technical knowledge necessary to launch a rewarding career in an era of digital transformation. Our programme is specifically designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge desired by employers.
Our partner companies benefit from cost-effective access to enthusiastic, hard working young people who are serious about their careers and keen to get ahead.

We are interested in collaborating with companies and industry professionals in a way that generates benefits for both employers and students. Whether you would like to take students on work placements or recruit a recent graduate, we will help you find the right candidate. Our services are free and are meant to support you throughout the recruitment process.

Hire Our Students

You can offer internship positions to our students to help them gain real world experience and hire our graduates as junior developers for your tech team.

Inspire A Class

You and members of your team can stop by to give a talk to inspire our students. Share the lessons you have learned to help make their professional journey's smoother.

Sponsor A Student

You can also make a difference by offering full and partial scholarships to indigent students as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility.