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Is fofx Academy an officially accredited academic institution?

While we strive to provide a one-of-its kind coding educational experience in Nigeria with quality resources and learning structure, fofx Academy is not accredited by any Federal or State Ministry of Education – recognized accrediting body- in Nigeria. This means that state and federal scholarship or financial aid cannot be used or sought in conjunction with fofx Academy programs.

Fofx Academy is a duly registered company with powers to operate in Nigeria.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

For those who paid full tuition/registration fees, we only offer refunds:

  • If you withdraw at the end of the ALPHA (intro) phase of the full-time bootcamp program, you will receive a 30% refund of your tuition.
  • If you withdraw at any time during the BETA (advanced) phase of the full-time program, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • If you are expelled from the program, you will not be eligible for a refund.

However, we do not offer refunds for paid seminars.

What if I really want to attend the bootcamp but can’t afford it?

You can apply for scholarship or tuition assistance here and our partners that offer such aids will review your application. However, if you do not get a scholarship, and while you save up the funds, you can attend our free workshops to get introduced to new concepts and gain some valuable skills. Click here to see what events we have.

What benefits do students receive once they complete the bootcamp?

On completion, students receive a Certificate of Completion, gain access to job opportunities (internship & paid employment) with our client/partner companies or work at our parent company – dipoleDIAMOND. Also, graduates are given access to future Academy events and discounts on future courses/workshops.

And most importantly, lifelong tech skills to build on!

What are your academic policies?

You can find our academic policies clearly detailed in the Student Handbook that will be provided upon resumption.

Besides the hours spent in class each week, how much time do I need to dedicate to the program outside of the classroom?

Our bootcamp is designed to be intensive and challenging as it will engage you spending many hours coding and learning. The only way to learn how to code is to keep coding; so apart from the school hours, students are encouraged to spend hours outside the classroom practicing, doing weekend projects and more. In the end, the value added will be evident.

I have some prior coding experience. Can I test out of the Intro Stage and apply for Advanced?

With our “Learn, Unlearn, Relearn” strategy, our classes are targeted at immersing students in relevant and well-detailed coding concepts and tools that most students might not have experienced. So we do not offer the option of skipping the intro stage. Students enroll for the full bootcamp program.

I’m an absolute beginner with zero experience or knowledge in the subject matter you teach. Am I still a good fit for the bootcamp?

Our bootcamp is designed to take you from zero experience or knowledge to Job ready. We get you fundamentally aware of the concepts and bring you up to speed with essential concepts and tools. Don’t be afraid, there will be other students like you and we are prepared to guide you. Don’t want to enroll now? Sign up for our workshops/events to gain some programming insights and knowledge.

What payments method do you accept?

Upon successful registration, you’ll be receiving an email with payment details. Presently, all payments will be accepted via bank deposit as we do not accept cheques, bank drafts or other forms of payment not approved by us.

How do I secure my spot?

Our cohorts accept a maximum of 16 students in order for all students to get individual attention and resources needed to succeed. Therefore, it is best to make an upfront payment (either in full or part payment) to secure a spot. Once you’ve been accepted and made payment, your spot is secure.

Does the program have restrictions?

The bootcamp isn’t designed to run like a traditional school with rigid rules and restrictions. Students are well guided with policies contained in the Student Handbook. However, if you won’t be fully available, dedicated or willing to learn and create a safe environment for the students and teachers, you won’t be allowed to attend the bootcamp.

What is Pair programming?

Pair programming is a programming technique where two programmers work together collaboratively on a workstation in order to boost efficiency, identify each other’s mistakes and learn from one another. Two heads are better than one they say…

Is there a mentorship platform during the program?

Students get all the support they need. Starting from peer support through pair programming, to teachers review and tech chats, students are provided mentorship opportunities.

Are classes on selected work days depending on how free I am?

No. Classes are daily from 9am-5pm on Mondays-Fridays. Students are not allowed to miss classes as the structure of the program is to enable you dedicate enough time for efficient code-collaboration and immersive learning.

I work full-time, do you have part-time bootcamp program?

No, we don’t offer part-time program at the moment. Our program is currently for full-time students on weekdays. However, we plan to consider a part-time program in future. You can sign up/subscribe to attend our free workshops and get notified when we begin part-time programs.

Do you have more than one facility/campus I can enroll at?

Although it’s part of our future plans but presently, we have only one facility which is situated at 1, Ayodele Okeowo Street, Gbagada, Lagos. We do not have other facilities and are not in partnership with other coding schools. On acceptance of registration, you can stop by our facility for a tour.

Are educational resources provided?

We focus on building and providing a repository of learning resources to students to enable them master the class topics. In addition to books, videos and links, facilitators/teachers are available to help. Also, students are encouraged to discuss and find solutions during class hours or via the communicating channel present.

What technical requirements do I need to succeed?

Fofx Academy recognizes the need for adequate provisioning for success, therefore, the Academy provides Big Wide-Screen Computers (better for pair programming), Keyboards, Mouse and other accessories. We also provide high-speed internet, stand-by solar inverter, standing & sitting desks, notepads and pens, kits, and lots more. Even if you don’t have a computer now, you can use ours.

What is required of you is a committed and learning mind, and possibly a personal computer for homework and weekend projects. The Academy properties cannot be taken out of the facility.

What is the price of the bootcamp? Do you offer payment plan options?

The standard tuition price for the bootcamp is N250,000 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only). Yes, we offer payment plan options such as:

  1. Upfront full payment to reserve your spot in the Academy: Total sum of N200,000 (Save N50,000)
  2. Two Instalment payments of N125,000 each. First payment before class to reserve spot and second payment after a month of class to continue the program.
Are there other payment plans?

We would rather not, however, we consider each request on its merit. You can send us an email.

Is there free lunch?

Even in Free town, there’s no free lunch. There are however nearby places you can eat within 10 minutes walk of the academy. Moreover, the exercise is helpful as part of your learning process.